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I want to thank everyone for stopping by my studio. All the photos loaded on this pages are items that I have hand painted and I appreciate any comments or feedback from all my followers. All items are for sale and if you see an item that has been sold already, send me a message and I can make another one for you. You must keep in mind that these items are all hand painted and cannot be duplicated EXACTLY the same. They are not mass produced! Thanks so much for stopping by!
COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: I did not design most of these myself. The majority of the pieces I paint were originally designed by other artists. Most of them were designed by Gail Anderson, Bonnye Isenhower, and Jamie Mills Price. They are by far my favorite designers and I would like to give credit where it is due. These ladies are unbelievably creative and painters all over the world are so blessed to have ladies like these showing us the way.

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I have been painting for many year and I truly enjoy it. I love finding new surfaces to paint on and new patterns and artist. I enjoy looking at others work and try to figure out how they do it!

Tracy's Art Studio

Tracy's Art Studio

Monday, January 19, 2015

9/11 Commemorative Box

I am so excited!! I just released my very first E Pattern Packet! How fitting that it would be for this box! I am so thrilled to FINALLY be able to share this pattern with everyone. I appreciate all the ladies who critiqued the pattern for me and gave such helpful advice. I have gotten some pretty great feed back from the painters who have already purchased the packet. The painting community is just an amazing group of people! The amount of support I get from them is unmeasurable. If you are interested in purchasing this pattern packet, it is available in my Etsy Shop.. The wooden boxes are available at Painter's Partner and the contact information for Greg Case is available inside the packet. He does amazing work and I am proud that he is supplying the boxes for my customers.

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